Project Title: Gachsaran Olefin Plant
Project Code: 3-066
Client: Gachsaran Petrochemical Company (GPC)
Location: Gachsaran, Kohgiluye & Boyerahmad Province, IRAN
Contract Type: Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Construction Supervision Services (EP)
Start Date: 2010
Project Duration: 22 months
Status: In Progress


Project Description:
 GACHSARAN OLEFIN PLANT is located at Gachsaran petrochemical complex in Gachsaran, Iran. The plant is designed to produce 1000,000 ton/year. The ethane feed is supplied from 2nd BIDDBOLAND refinery by rate 1,270,000 ton/year. GACHSARAN OLEFIN PLANT is produced ethylene with 99.5% Min. and Hydrogen with 99.99% Min. The by-products of the plant are hydrogen rich gas (fuel gas), C3+, and light oil (Gasoline). The plant includes process unit and storage tanks divided into following units:

  • Cracking Furnaces
  • Hot Section and Dilution Steam Generation
  • LP and HP cracked gas compression, caustic wash, drying and spent caustic treatment
  • Ethylene Recovery and Purification
  • Propylene and Ethylene Refrigerant Cycles
  • Steam, Blow Down, Cooling Water, Fuel Gas and Other Utilities
  • Ethylene Storage Tank, C3+ Storage Tank, Ethane Storage Tank, Off-spec Ethylene Storage Tank
  • Fresh Caustic, Wash Oil, Sulfuric Acid Oil, and Methanol Storage Tanks

ANEDCO Scope of Work:
Complete Basic and Detail Engineering Design (in separated contracts)
MR Preparation
Vendor Documents Checking
Installation and Construction Supervision