Owner: Iranian Oil Terminal Company (IOTC)
Location: Genaveh port &Kharg Island
Contract Type: Engineering Services (E)
Start Date: 2008
Project Duration: 9 months
Status: Accomplished

Project Description:

The Iranian Oil Terminal Company (IOTC) has issued a call for Tender for Genaveh to Kharg 52“ pipeline repair feasibility study project. It was tended to repair and modify existing pipeline which is located in Persian Golf.

Company has appointed a contract to perform engineering of the project to issue some methods for repairing with or without shutdown that should be fully compliance with sea environment, safety & economic.


Scope of Work:

  1. Site survey & under water inspection
  2. As built drawing for damage points
  3. Review the different method for repair of 52" crude pipe line including of advantage, disadvantage, environmental effect, execution problem and etc.
  4. Propose best method for repair of 52" offshore/onshore crude transferring pipeline.