Owner: GachsaranOil & Gas Company (Subsidiary of NISOC)
Location: GachsaranOil & Gas Stations
Contract Type: Engineering Services (E)
Start Date: 2011
Project Duration: 6 months
Status: Accomplished


Project Description:

GACHSARAN OIL & GAS Company (Subsidiary of National Iranian South Oil Company: NISOC) has defined a project for complete revamping of ignition and control systems of stack flares, oil heaters, gas preheaters and glycol reboilers in its subsidiary oil & gas plants using the best and the most modern technology.

The plants and relevant revamping systems are located in Kohkilooyeh& Boyer Ahmad, Khuzestan and Booshehrprovinces and are including:

  • GachsaranLP-I Gas Station (Glycol Reboiler, Gas Preheater)
  • GachsaranLP-II Gas Station (Flare, Reboiler, Preheater)
  • GachsaranLP-III Gas Station (Flare, Reboiler, Preheater)
  • GachsaranLP-IV Gas Station (Flare, Reboiler, Preheater)
  • GachsaranHP Gas Station (Flare, Preheater)
  • SiahmakanHP Gas Station (Flare, Preheater)
  • Gachsaran-II Desalting Plant (Flare)
  • Gachsaran-IV Oil Station (Flare)
  • Ragsefid-II Gas Station (Flare, Preheater, Reboiler)
  • Ragsefid-II Desalting Plant (Flare, Oil Heater)
  • Bibihakimeh-I Gas Station (Flare, Preheater, Reboiler)
  • Bibihakimeh-II Gas Station (Flare, Preheater, Reboiler)
  • Bibihakimeh-I Oil Station (Flare)
  • Bibihakimeh-II Desalting Plant (Oil Heater)
  • NGL-900 Plant (Flare, Oil Heater)
  • Pazanan-II Desalting Plant (Flare, Oil Heater)
  • Pazanan-IIOil Station (Flare)
  • BinakGas Station (Flare)
  • NargesiOil Station (Flare)


Scope of Work:

  1. Site Visit, Data Gathering and Preparation of Complete Site Statuses and DTS Reports
  2. Comparison of all Existing Ignition Systems and Preparation of Relevant Reports to Choose the Best System
  3. Complete Conceptual, Basic and Detail Engineering Design
  4. Preparation of Material Take-Off (MTO) for All New/Relocated Items
  5. MR Preparation
  6. Economical Studies and Price Evaluation for PC Contract
  7. Preparation of Scope of Work and Tender Documents for PC Contract