Owner: Iran Marin Services Company
Location: Bandar Imam Special Economic Zone
Contract Type: Feasibility Study
Start Date: 2012
Project Duration: 6 Months
Status: Accomplished

Project Description:

Iran Marine Services company is responsible for transporting of oil product by truck and wagon to ship and then to destination. Now, the Iran Marie Services company doesn’t  have oil terminal in Bandar Imam and the oil product is directly loaded to ship by truck and wagon.

Because of that, they can’t control between truck and wagon by ship and decided to establish oil product storage tanks.

ANEDCO is responsible for economical and technical feasibility study.

Scope of Work:

  1. Site Visit, Data Gathering and Report Preparation
  2. Preparation of Plot Plan
  3. Preparation of Required P&IDs
  4. Preparation of Building Drawings
  5. Technical, Economical and Commercial Survey and Preparation of Report