Owner: RAZI Petrochemical Complex
Location: Bandar Imam Khomeini, Iran
Contract Type: Engineering Services (E)
Joint Venture: NIIK, Russia
Start Date: 2012
Project Duration: 3 Months
Status: Accomplished

Project Description:

RAZI Petrochemical Co. (located in Bandar Imam Khomeini, Iran) is a large and old petrochemical complex including Ammonia No.1,2,3, Urea No.1,2, Sulfur, Acid and Gas Purification plants.

Urea-1 plant is one of the first production plants of RAZI PC established at 1960s with the initial capacity of 500,000 T/Y that's increased during two steps of revamping to 700,000 and then 875,000 T/Y respectively. The basis of production process in Urea-1 plant is to convert the anhydrous liquid ammonia (make-up ammonia from the ammonia plant and recycled ammonia from the urea plant) and carbon dioxide gas (from the ammonia plant) to PrillUrea using high pressure urea synthesis process.

Urea-1 plant is out of service since about 2003. So that RAZI Petrochemical Complex has defined a project for detailed technical survey of the plant and perfect technical/economical studies for revamping and commissioning of Urea-1 plant and making complete technical report and economical estimation for this revamping and selection of the best production process optimum capacity (either the current capacity or increasing in capacity).

ANEDCO will accomplish the project services via "Research & Design Institute of Urea & Organic Synthesis Products (NIIK), Russia".

Scope of Work:

  1. Site Visit and Data Gathering.
  2. Inspection and Necessary Tests of All Fixed Equipment
  3. Inspection and Necessary Tests of All Rotary Equipment and Machinery
  4. Inspection and Necessary Tests of All Electrical Items
  5. Inspection and Necessary Tests of Control System and Instrument Items
  6. Inspection and Necessary Tests of ESD and F&G Systems
  7. Inspection and Necessary Tests of All A/G and U/G Piping, Fitting and Valves
  8. Inspection and Necessary Tests of All Civil & Structure Items
  9. Review of the Plant Process and Propose the Best Process and Optimum Capacity
  10. Economical Study and Price Estimation for Proposed Options