Owner: ShahidHashemi NejadGas Processing Company
Location: Khangiran, Sarakhs
Contract Type: Engineering Services (E)
Start Date: 2013
Project Duration: 6 Months
Status: Accomplished

Project Description:

The gas treating plant for the Sarakhs-Nekagas supply project is designed to process sour gas and to provide 1,180,000 NM3/hrof gas to the   Sarakhs-Nekapipeline.

The plant includes the following units:

¨Five DEA Acid Gas Removal Units
¨Five DEW Point Control Units
¨Three Clans Sulfur Storage Facility
¨Supporting Utility for All of the Above

ShahidHashemiNejadGas Processing Company defined a project for acid gas enrichment of Gas Treating Unit No. 2 (GTU2)

Scope of Work:

  1. Conceptual Design of the project based on the existing plant process information and find out the optimum process design
  2. Preparation and delivery of the basic engineering package
  3. Performing detail engineering and preparation of scope of work and tender documents for PC contract