Owner: Parsian Gas Refining Company (PGRC)
Location: Mohr, Iran
Contract Type: Engineering Services (E)
Start Date: 2014
Project Duration: 8 Months
Status: In Progress

Project Description:

This project is consisting of 3 parts including: Desalting, Flare Managing and Connection Line Design.

As the salinity of plant’s feed (receiving from Tabnak, Vavary and Shanul gas fields) is gradually increasing. The scope of this part of project is designing a desalter package for each of No. 400, No. 500 and No. 103 units. Desalter package will be located after the stabilizer in each unit. The design target is to decrease the salinity to the acceptable range based on IOM regulations and international standards.

Flare Managing
The scope of this part is to review and redesign of the complete flare system in units 400, 500 & 140 and finding solution for defined items, mainly including:

- Review of existing flares and finding the best solution for decreasing the required purge gas.
- Redesign of flaring network and flare headers based on HP/LP detachment concept.
- Complete revamping of flares ignition system and pilots.
- Connecting the cold vent of compressor station to existing flare system.

Connection Line
This part includes design of a connecting line for connecting unit 100 (in parsian-II Plant) to the existing connection line between units 400 and 500 (in parsian-I Plant) considering all process and control requirements and routing limitations.


Scope of Work:

  1. Feasibility Study of the project based on the existing plants process information and find out the optimum process design in each part
  2. Preparation and delivery of the basic engineering package in each part
  3. Performing detail engineering and preparation of tender documents for construction and installation works at site in each part